ServingIntel and Yardi Elevate Senior Living with Cutting-Edge API Integration

ServingIntel and Yardi Elevate Senior Living with Cutting-Edge API Integration

ServingIntel, a pioneer in dining management and point-of-sale solutions for senior living communities, proudly announces its advanced API integration with Yardi, a leader in electronic health record (EHR) and property management systems (PMS).

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, United States – April 24, 2024 —

This groundbreaking integration marks a significant evolution from traditional STP site file sharing to a dynamic, real-time data synchronization process, positioning ServingIntel as one of the select few to achieve such a technological milestone with Yardi.

For years, ServingIntel has maintained a connection with Yardi through secure file sharing, facilitating essential data exchanges. However, the transition to API integration heralds a new era of efficiency, automation, and scalability. “This API integration isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformation,” says Angela Landry, Director of Sales and Marketing at ServingIntel. “We’re moving from time-consuming processes to instantaneous, error-free data exchanges, unlocking unprecedented potential for senior living communities.”

The API integration enhances ServingIntel’s SI360 platform, enabling real-time updates and automation that were previously unattainable with STP site file sharing. The benefits are manifold:

Real-time Data Sync: Ensures immediate availability of the most current resident information, including health data and billing details, facilitating timely and accurate service delivery.

Automation: Reduces manual intervention, minimizing errors, and freeing staff to focus on resident care rather than data entry.

Scalability: Easily accommodates growth, with the flexibility to integrate additional services or systems as community needs evolve.

Flexibility: Offers tailored data exchange and customization options, surpassing the rigid protocols of STP file sharing.

Security: Utilizes advanced authentication methods such as OAuth for secure, encrypted data transfers, addressing the security vulnerabilities associated with traditional file sharing.

Cost-effectiveness: While both systems involve initial setup costs, the API’s long-term efficiency and reduced manual effort translate into significant cost savings.

“This integration empowers our communities to deliver exceptional care and personalized dining experiences with efficiency previously unseen in the industry,” Landry elaborates. “By enabling seamless communication between Yardi and our SI360 platform, we’re not just enhancing operational efficiency; we’re enhancing lives.”

ServingIntel’s commitment to innovation and improving the resident experience is evident in its dedication to this integration. The SI360 platform’s enhanced capabilities, including tracking meal plans, managing guest transactions, and automating billing processes, are just the beginning of the benefits this partnership will bring to senior living communities.

ServingIntel and Yardi’s collaboration sets a new standard for technological advancement in senior living, ensuring communities can provide the highest level of care and service. As this partnership continues to evolve, it promises to bring even more benefits to residents and staff alike, truly exemplifying the potential of technology to transform lives.

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