Oakmont Senior Living overcomes staffing challenges and improves service.


Oakmont Senior Living is a community dedicated to providing the highest quality dining experience to residents by empowering staff with efficiency tools. But in recent years, the community has faced a challenge that is all too common in the senior care industry: staffing shortages. In the current environment, Oakmont experienced low staffing levels, routine call-offs, and increased overtime expenses.

Staffing challenges were impacting residents through service quality, including lengthy wait times and food temperature issues


Cost savings: $5,000 – $7,000 per month Decrease in complaints from residents Improved employee morale
Fewer call-offs
Reduced risk for workers’ comp claims


Oakmont Senior Living strategically deployed three food service robots: two for food running and one for bussing. The robots were immediately put to work, delivering meals to residents quickly and efficiently. The robots also helped to alleviate workforce burden and provided a more sustainable work balance for staff.


1. Resident Satisfaction Soared

Complaints related to food wait times and food temperature significantly decreased, enhancing overall resident satisfaction.

2. Cost Savings Realized

The team of robots effectively managed the workload equivalent to 1.25 full-time employees, seamlessly complementing the existing staff in a community already grappling with workforce shortages.
Additional savings in the amount of $5,000 – $7,000 per month were achieved through the elimination of staff overtime requirements.

3. Employee Experience Improved

The improved workflow, thanks to serving robots, has resulted in fewer staff call-offs, ensuring consistent quality service for our residents.
The presence of robots enhanced safety, lowering the risk of injuries and workers’ compensation claims.


“In the process, we have been able to lower the amount of scheduled hours throughout the day, as well as the robots have helped eliminate overtime.”

“We have also seen less call-offs throughout use of the robots and if it eliminates even one workers comp, the value would greatly exceed any cost.”

-Andrew Moret, Vice President of Culinary Services
Oakmont Senior Living