Lance Bell to Speak at CALA Event: The Impact of Technology on the Resident Experience

Palm Springs, CA – Excitement is building as the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) gears up for its fall conference, scheduled from November 6-8, 2023. Among the distinguished speakers lined up for the event, Lance Bell, CEO/CIO of ServingIntel, will share insights into the transformative power of technology in Senior Living.

Bell, a hospitality technology expert, will be joined by David Tamo, Regional Director of Operations at Merrill Gardens, LLC. Their session, aptly titled “The Impact of Technology on the Resident Experience,” will explore how technology has revolutionized Senior Living and its potential to further enhance dining, engagement, care, and more.

The discussion kicks off with a focus on the use of robotics in dining as a catalyst for change. Robotic service in dining areas has not only increased productivity regardless of staffing levels but has also elevated the resident experience by ensuring servers remain visible. This approach has the added benefit of reducing labor costs, a fact demonstrated by the positive results experienced at Oakmont Senior Living after deploying three robots at their East Sacramento community. Oakmont saw an impressive monthly savings of $5,000 to $7,000 and a reduced risk of injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

Beyond robotics, Bell will explore an array of dining technologies that have a profound impact on the resident experience. This includes table-side ordering, self-service kiosks, online ordering, and the integration of artificial intelligence, all designed to provide a more personalized and responsive experience for residents.

Bell’s presentation will emphasize the compound effect of combining robotics and dining technology. This approach maximizes output, resulting in an elevated resident experience, improved staff productivity, and increased revenue, all while simultaneously reducing costs. The compound effect occurs when you add robotics to your already optimized dining operations. Attendees will gain firsthand insights and explore strategies for implementing technology solutions effectively while measuring success in terms of resident satisfaction and financial performance.