Senior Living Dining POS

Senior Living POS

Residents want options. We empower you with tools to exceed their expectations. ServingIntel supports communities in harnessing Dining’s full potential through cutting-edge Senior Living POS and technology services, enabling seniors to love where they live.

Point of Sale, Meal Plan and Productivity Tools for Senior Living POS

ServingIntel’s POS Hardware fully supports meal plans, credit card transactions, census and account billing. Supporting your staff with the flexibility to automatically send orders to the kitchen, you are gifting them back time spent previously walking back and forth to the kitchen. 

Seamlessly integrate personalized mobile-friendly ordering into your POS, providing convenience to residents & guests and streamlining kitchen operations.

Our user-friendly interface is perfect for all ages and consumers.

Handheld Tablets
revolutionize the Senior Living dining experiences by streamlining the ordering process, eliminating the chaos of handwritten orders, and reducing unnecessary trips to the kitchen. With precision and efficiency, servers can take orders directly at the table, ensuring accuracy and allowing for enhanced focus on exceptional service delivery. Residents benefit from timely and personalized orders, ensuring their dietary needs are met with ease.

With Connect Smart Host, we empower your guests to take control of their dining experience, promoting independence and ensuring a seamless and luxurious dining experience.

At the same time, our module provides your staff with valuable foresight to effectively plan and allocate resources, optimizing operational efficiency.

In the Corporate or University setting, add Self-Service Kiosks to reduce wait times, improve order accuracy, and mitigate the impact of staffing shortages.

Implemented with an ordering platform or barcode scanner for self-checkout.


Senior Living POS Streamlines Order, Checkout, & Billing for all Transactions

Optimize operational efficiency in senior living facilities with our specialized POS system. Streamline order processing, checkout, and billing transactions seamlessly. Tailored for diverse environments, including:

  • Casual and Fine Dining
  • Bistro
  • Wine and Cocktail Lounge
  • Coffee Shop
  • Market
  • Spa and Salon
  • Ancillary Services

Ensure a smooth and efficient management process for your senior living community, enhancing resident experiences.

No matter the care type, POS and Meal Plan Management tools improve the efficiency and quality of Dining operations for Senior Living POS.

No matter the care type, POS and Meal Plan Management tools improve the efficiency and quality of Dining operations.


Our commitment is to be your trusted ally as you navigate the dynamic landscape of technology integrations, ensuring you reap the benefits of a seamlessly connected business ecosystem.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a team of experts who are dedicated to optimizing your POS system’s performance through these integrations.

ServingIntel’s Senior Living POS seamlessly integrates with popular property management systems like Yardi and PointClickCare, automating census data import and export of billing, payroll deducts, menus, and more. Experience the true meaning of seamless POS integrations with ServingIntel Senior Living POS integrations.

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Ready to Learn More about Senior Living POS?

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