Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS

At ServingIntel, we excel in delivering exceptional value to restaurants by offering distinctive or intricate POS solutions tailored to those with unconventional operational needs.

ServingIntel continues to be the beacon of innovation, arming our valued customers with the latest tools to thrive in a highly competitive landscape.

Point of Sale, Kitchen, and Productivity Tools for Restaurant POS

Productivity tools automate order processing, minimize manual errors, and streamline communication between front-of-house and back-of-house staff. This streamlined workflow leads to faster service, reduced wait times, and increased table turnover, ultimately driving higher revenue.

Kitchen Display Screens informs your cooking staff what to prepare from an order.

Improve ticket times and accuracy. Displays all necessary order information: items, modifiers and notes.

Flexibility at your fingertips

SI360 is the first POS Platform designed to meet the unique needs of Senior Living with the flexibility to elevate the resident & staff experience.

Stay competitive with Online Ordering, Reservations, and Food Delivery Apps for Restaurant POS. 

Resident and Family Portal

With eAccess, residents can effortlessly check their meal plan balance, view recent transactions, conveniently order meals online, and enjoy the convenience of voice-prompted AI interactions.

Connect Smart Host

With Connect Smart Host, we empower your guests to take control of their dining experience, promoting independence and ensuring a seamless and luxurious dining experience.

Third-Party Food Delivery Integration

Introducing eConnect, the seamless bridge between third-party orders and your POS system.

Ready to Learn More about Restaurant POS

Ready to Learn More about Restaurant POS?

See how our innovative dining solutions can help elevate the guest experience and improve operational efficiencies.