Restaurant POS

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Point of Sale

At ServingIntel, we excel in delivering exceptional value to restaurants by offering distinctive or intricate POS solutions tailored to those with unconventional operational needs.

ServingIntel continues to be the beacon of innovation, arming our valued customers with the latest tools to thrive in a highly competitive landscape.

Kitchen Display Screens

Kitchen Display Screens improve ticket times and accuracy. Displays all necessary order information: items, modifiers and notes. Transitioning to Kitchen Display Screens eliminates paper tickets, ensuring a streamlined process for order management while reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.

Handheld POS Tablets

Handheld POS Tablets revolutionize the restaurant dining experiences by streamlining the ordering process, eliminating the chaos of handwritten orders, and reducing unnecessary trips to the kitchen. With precision and efficiency, servers can take orders directly at the table, ensuring accuracy and allowing for enhanced focus on exceptional service delivery.

Guests benefit from timely and personalized orders, ensuring their dietary needs are met with ease.

Online Ordering

Seamlessly integrate personalized mobile-friendly ordering into your POS, providing convenience to guests and streamlining kitchen operations. Our user-friendly interface is perfect for all ages and consumers. eCommerce is the convenience option desired to elevate the experience, while helping kitchen staff efficiently manage peak dining hours.

Online Reservations

Online Reservations

With Connect Smart Host, we empower your guests to take control of their dining experience, and ensuring a seamless and luxurious dining experience. At the same time, our module provides your staff with valuable foresight to effectively plan and allocate resources, optimizing operational efficiency.

Third-Party Food Delivery Integration

Introducing eConnect, the seamless bridge between third-party orders and your POS system. With eConnect, all third-party orders automatically flow into your POS and are instantly transmitted to your kitchen for efficient order preparation. Boost your revenue by expanding your restaurant’s reach through multiple delivery services, and say goodbye to manual order entry, reducing labor costs and eliminating errors.