The HR Impact on Driving Industry Leadership

In the tapestry of life, the threads of wisdom, experience, and love are woven by the hands of our Seniors. They are the pillars of our society, the keepers of cherished memories, and the architects of our future. With every step they take, they carry a lifetime of experiences, lessons, and triumphs. Their stories, like precious gems, are etched in the hearts of their loved ones, passing down wisdom from generation to generation. Being part of a team that plays a role in supporting and improving the daily life of these architects is a gift.

As Director of People and Culture at ServingIntel, I share many of the same goals and challenges faced by our Partner communities; talent acquisition and retention, development and training, performance management, employee engagement and well-being, and compliance. Success in these areas begins with leadership.

It is important for Human Resources in any vertical to function as a strategic partner within the organization, ensuring that the right leaders are in place and supporting their development. Effective leadership contributes to creating a pipeline of skilled leaders capable of driving the company’s growth. The impact of HR on leadership is far-reaching. From identifying and nurturing talent to implementing leadership development programs and fostering a positive work culture, HR plays a pivotal role.

Recently, ServingIntel redefined our core values, identifying the behaviors that will help us succeed in fulfilling our purpose and reinforcing our culture, and integrated these values into all aspects of our organization for them to be effective. One of our values is Leadership and the behaviors we see that support this value are Empathy, Energy, Edge, Execute, Energize. We know leadership is instrumental. It sets the tone for how team members behave, interact, and make decisions within our organization. In addition, it sets the path for how we engage with Partners to meet expectations, deliver exceptional experiences, and build lasting relationships. ServingIntel loves Seniors, the architects of our future, and we consider it an honor to play a part in impacting the daily life of Seniors by empowering senior living communities with innovative dining solutions.