ServingIntel’s Differentiated Capabilities- Enabling Senior Living Dining Transformation

Unique capabilities are the driving force that allows a company to deliver exceptional experiences to customers. As President of ServingIntel, I am delighted to provide insight into the capabilities differentiate us in the Senior Living Industry. In doing so, I will showcase the transformative impact we are having on senior living communities through differentiated products, integrated best of breed partners, and consultative support.

Differentiated Products

We stand apart by tailoring our products to cater to specific needs of both the residents and the communities that serve them. Above all, residents value options. To cater to this, we empower them to customize their experience – from choosing when, where, and what they order, whether it’s a reserved table for cherished moments with friends or late-night room service. This flexibility extends to ordering methods as well, whether through direct interaction with a server, our user-friendly online app, a QR code, or a convenient kiosk. For communities ease of use, cost efficiency, and revenue generation matter most. Our intuitive user interface ensures fast service for residents and accelerated learning curves for new servers. Table side ordering, kitchen display systems, and integrated robot deliveries ensure the best service for residents and the lowest cost to the community. Lastly, revenues are only limited by your creativity to expand meal plan options, make services and entertainment more accessible, and broaden customer outreach to encompass employees and the local community.

Integrated Best of Breed Partnerships

At ServingIntel, we are realists. It is possible but unlikely that one party is the best at everything a customer needs. That is why we focus on meeting the unique needs of senior living that we can best deliver. Alternatively, we are equally happy to leverage an existing best of breed supplier. In either case, we seamlessly integrate our package of solutions to deliver beyond customer expectations.

Consultative Support

Few things in life are free, but ServingIntel consultative support is. We are a team of senior living dining professionals with decades of collective experience across hundreds of unique scenarios. We do not always know how this experience will be tapped when we start a project or relationship, but we do know that we will use every opportunity to share proven perspectives, options, and solutions to help our customers.

Case Study I

In a recent senior living community where we were deploying a new system, we began the journey acting as the experts on how to enable the clients envisioned dining operations. As we supported the initial live use of the system, we were quick to note the sources of chaos including poor workflows and inefficient divisions of staff responsibilities. While being sensitive to preserve the dining leader’s credibility, we were able recommend opportunities for improvement that transformed operational effectiveness. These ideas were quickly adopted for day two and as they say, the rest is history.

Case Study II

In another senior living organization, ServingIntel played a pivotal role in a client’s journey towards improving the balance of corporate versus site level accountability. Our inaugural community implementation led to concerns at both the site and corporate level on who had authority for various decisions. By facilitating development and implementation of a structure of accountability for decision-making, we transformed the organization and its effectiveness. This led to improved communications, faster decision-making, and a more harmonious collaboration across the client organization.

ServingIntel provides differentiated products, integrated best of breed partnerships, and consultative support that intertwine to elevate senior living community results and resident experiences. Moreover, case studies underscore that our differentiated capabilities extended beyond technology to redefine processes and relationships, showcasing our commitment to senior living. As we reflect on these transformative impacts, it is evident that our differentiated capabilities form the backbone of our commitment to impacting our corner of the world, one life at a time.