Mastering Senior Living Meal Plan Management

Senior Living meal plans stand as a cornerstone of resident satisfaction and operational efficiency. However, navigating the myriad options available can be a daunting task for both operators and residents alike. Let’s explore popular meal plan options and how technology can revolutionize meal management in Senior Living communities.

Meal Credits

Meal credit meal plans offer residents a predetermined number of meals per day or an all-inclusive dining experience. In meal credit meal plans, residents begin each period with a predetermined set amount, from which applicable items are deducted with each transaction, ensuring transparency and control over dining expenditures throughout the designated period While these plans simplify billing and tracking, operators may feel the pinch of potential profit loss due to residents’ unrestricted access to premium menu items.

To address this challenge, leveraging a Point of Sale (POS) system becomes paramount. By defining what constitutes a “meal” and implementing upcharges for additional items, operators can maintain profitability while still providing residents with flexibility and choice. The appropriate system can streamline Senior Living meal plan management with remarkable ease and efficiency.

Declining or Inclining Balance

Declining and Inclining balance meal plans allocate residents a set spending allowance per month, granting them full control over their dining selections. This a la Carte approach empowers residents to tailor their dining experience to their preferences while offering operators the ability to manage residents’ dining transactions.

In declining balance meal plans, residents begin with a specified dollar or point amount, which is gradually deducted with each transaction throughout the designated period. Alternatively in inclining balance meal plans, residents start with a balance of zero, with each applicable charge incrementally added to their balance throughout the designated period. Both methods encourage residents to utilize community dining services while still retaining control over their dining expenditures.

From a tracking perspective of Senior Living meal plans, a Point of Sale (POS) system offers operators detailed reporting data, facilitating menu curation and optimization. Additionally, the convenience of charge accounts enables seamless payment across the community, further enhancing the resident experience.

ServingIntel’s Senior Living Platform SI360

In Senior Living meal plan management instances, it’s essential to highlight ServingIntel’s Point of Sale platform, SI360.  SI360 revolutionizes Senior Living meal plan management by automatically handling various meal plans, whether they’re based on credits, points, or dollars. With SI360, closing out a resident’s check is as simple as a single click, and the resident’s balance is immediately adjusted accordingly. Moreover, SI360 seamlessly integrates with the majority of Senior Living billing and census platforms, automating move-ins and end-of-month billing processes for staff. This comprehensive solution also empowers your community to accept credit cards for guests or employees. Overall, ServingIntel’s POS system streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures a seamless dining experience for residents and guests.

Ultimately, the resident experience reigns supreme. By offering Senior Living meal plans and leveraging technology tools effectively, operators can ensure residents enjoy a diverse and satisfying dining experience that fosters an exceptional resident experience.

Remember, food is more than sustenance—it’s a highlight of every resident’s day and a key factor in their decision to call your community home.

By Angela Landry