Innovating the Future: ServingIntel’s Approach to Software Development 

When working in a software environment, the industry can change at the drop of a hat. Some key capabilities that provide competitive advantages can be innovation and technological advancement, customization and flexibility, and a user-friendly experience. These key attributes are what we focus on here at ServingIntel when we are building our software; driving our design decisions and roadmap of our digital products.

The software development team is the heart and soul of our digital products. Our mission is to innovate and utilize new technologies to provide easy-to-use solutions for our partners and their residents. Our focus is on ease of use, clean code, revolutionary architecture and customization. We have five separate development teams that work together to deliver a myriad of custom products from eCommerce to Point of Sale.

The software development department at ServingIntel possesses a client-centric approach. By that, I mean that we actively engage with our partners to ensure our products are custom to their residents and their revenue centers. We also work in an agile framework, which allows us the ability to pivot priorities to ensure client satisfaction. Our Quality Assurance team also is heavily involved at every stage of the development process to ensure the highest quality.

As the Product Development Manager and a key team member of the software development team, I have implemented new agile methodologies, specifically SAFe Agile, to ensure delivery on-demand, clear requirements, and accurate planning. We are committed to delivering excellent products to our partners while serving them in the best way possible.