How to Select a Point-of-Sale System

POS systems are not your average cash register tool.  Besides recording sales statistics and checking out patrons, it is the core of your business. It collectively takes information about your customers, inventory, sales, and staff so you can fully maximize managing your business.  

One of the best reasons why most businesses opt for POS systems is that they run on tablets. This feature is popular because it is less hassle, inexpensive, and simpler to set up and use, unlike the old systems. Moreover, the majority of POS systems store data via the cloud. This allows you to access back-office tools conveniently using a certain app or browser on your desktop or phone in case you’re not in your office.  

Since a lot of companies offer such services, choosing the right one can be challenging. Below are 5 key points you should look for when investing in a POS system for your restaurant:  

Zero Contract.

In case the system does not meet your standards, you don’t want to get stuck paying hundreds of dollars to get out of your contract. You want to relieve yourself of equipment rents since contract cancellation is not viable. Go for a POS system that performs with your needs on a month-to-month basis.   

Key Features.

Having features that make it more convenient to manage your business is vital. Apart from accepting payments and adding orders, go for a system that modernizes relevant processes like customer management and inventory. Remember that features differ on a wider scale per system, as well as the service level provided by every company.  

Cloud-based Approach.

POS with cloud-based systems has numerous advantages, one of them being lower cost. Instead of purchasing a software license, you pay a certain fee on a monthly basis. This type of system also provides anytime and anywhere access to back-office reporting and management tools via a browser or an app. Some systems only work on a specific platform, like Android tablets or iPads. So check for compatibility first.  

System Integration.

Having system integration makes it easier to link the POS system with other related systems you utilize like email marketing or accounting software. One huge advantage is that it enables the applications to share customer contact details and sales data, sparing yourself from the stress of downloading and uploading programs manually.  


Considering the amount of work you do for your business, investing in a reliable POS system saves you a lot of stressful work. Several companies offer this type of service. The selection process can be tough, but the things listed above will help you choose the right POS system that caters to all your needs.  

About ServingIntel

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