Behind the Scenes of Senior Living Software Product Development

In the realm of Senior Living, collaboration holds a pivotal role in shaping digital products to meet our partners’ needs. We draw on diverse expertise, innovation, and efficient problem-solving, involving team members from sales, marketing, and service in our product planning. This ensures a tapestry of perspectives on thought points, priorities, and requirements for successful products.

As the Product Development Manager and primary liaison for collaboration across multiple teams and stakeholders, I stress the crucial role of working hand in hand with partners, Technology Managers, and internal stakeholders. In line with our Agile methodology, Sprint Planning and Demos serve as platforms for collecting feedback on priorities and functionality.

Collaboration, particularly with our direct partners, creates a space for them to feel valued, heard, and respected. Diligent efforts are made to capture areas needing attention or improvement, consistently exceeding their expectations.

During new site deployments or enhancements, my role involves leading the software development team in direct collaboration with internal and external partners to ensure the solutions we deliver align with their needs. Frequent calls with existing partners guarantee the swift delivery of solutions. From my perspective, collaboration is undeniably one of the most critical aspects of running a successful company and creating exceptional software.