5 Ways Tableside Ordering Increases Resident Satisfaction

As the senior living industry continues to evolve, the expectations of residents and their families are changing too. One way to improve the resident experience is by introducing tableside ordering, which can enhance service and satisfaction. Senior living communities can increase personalization, accuracy, and efficiency by having servers take orders directly at the table.

Here are five ways in which tableside ordering can help to increase resident service in your senior living community:

1. Personalized Service

Tableside ordering allows servers to spend more time with each resident, getting to know their preferences and making recommendations. They can explain the menu, answer questions, and make personalized suggestions based on the resident’s dietary restrictions or preferences. This helps to create a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for the residents.

2. Increased Efficiency

Tableside ordering can increase efficiency in your senior living community by reducing the time servers spend walking back and forth to the kitchen. With traditional ordering methods, servers take orders from each resident individually and then deliver those orders to the kitchen. However, with tableside ordering, servers can instantly input the order into a tablet or device and transmit the order to the kitchen. This eliminates the need for servers to walk to the kitchen and manually enter orders, reducing errors and speeding up the ordering process.

3. Improved Accuracy

When servers take orders directly at the table, it reduces the potential for miscommunication between the server and the resident. This can help to improve accuracy, as servers can confirm the order with the resident before submitting it. According to a study by Restaurant Business, the use of tableside ordering can reduce errors by up to 38%.

4. Enhanced Upselling Opportunities

Tableside ordering can increase revenue for your senior living community by enhancing upselling opportunities. Servers can recommend special menu items, suggest complementary sides or drinks, and highlight promotions or discounts. This can lead to residents ordering more items, increasing the average check size.

5. Improved Resident Satisfaction

Tableside ordering can improve resident satisfaction. By providing a more personalized, efficient, and accurate experience, residents are more likely to enjoy their meals and feel satisfied with the service. A study by the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management found that customers who received tableside ordering reported higher levels of satisfaction than those who did not.

In conclusion, tableside ordering by servers is a valuable tool that can help to enhance the resident experience in your senior living community. By providing personalized service, improving efficiency and accuracy, enhancing upselling opportunities, and improving resident satisfaction, tableside ordering is an intelligent investment for any senior living community. If you’re interested in implementing tableside ordering in your community, ServingIntel is your partner! Contact us by email at solutions@servingintel.com, call us at 888-477-7711, or visit www.servingintel.com.